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Energy Producing Hot Water For Cogeneration - 2706 Words

The proposed project focuses on developing an electrical generation thermal system which generates 5KW power producing hot water for cogeneration. The Rankine cycle is used as the base system for the design. The solar energy is utilized in the project as a thermal source of heat to the system. The obtained heat energy is used to heat the system with overall system efficiency to be 60.4% and generate power of 5KW to be used for cogeneration and the waste heat recovered is stored in a battery which is utilized to produce hot water even in the absence of sunlight. The thermodynamic properties of the system were analyzed and calculated. The second law efficiency, irreversibility of the system components, maximum system efficiency and the net work done by the components of the system were majorly focused and calculated. The economic analysis of the system were performed by taking into account all the system components and found the system design to be more economical for small scale applications. Introduction: In today’s world fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources are on the verge of depletion. Research is going on in implementing natural resources as thermal source of heat to power any thermodynamic cycle. Natural sources are now being employed to decrease the rising costs of alternative fuels such as fossil fuels, coal etc. Solar thermal energy is one such energy resource that is being widely used. Rankine cycle is the base of this systemShow MoreRelatedEnvironmental Issues Associated With Conventional Power Plants Provide The Drive For Developments1595 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelopments in ‘‘on-site’’ and ‘‘near-site’’ power generation. Combined, heating, and power (CHP) systems can possibly increase resource energy efficiency and reduce air pollutant emissions noticeably. CHP systems produce both electric and thermal energy, changing over 75– 80% of the fuel source into useful energy [International Energy Agency (IEA), 2008]. International Energy Agency (IEA) reported in 2007 that CHP systems produce approximately 9% of global power generation. The global capacity of CHP systemsRead MoreStudy on Steam Turbine Engine1489 Words   |  6 Pageswas the forerunner of the net engine and demonstrated that steam power could be sued to operate other machinery. (Fireman - Navy Firefighter, Fireman Training Manual, nd) A steam turbine is reported as a m echanical device that converts thermal energy in pressurized steam into useful mechanical work. (Beardmore, 2010, p.1) The original steam engine is reported to have largely powered the industrial revolution in the UK and to have been based on reciprocating pistons. (Beardmore, 2010, p.1)Read MoreA Brief Note On Housing Association And The Center Of Dundee1120 Words   |  5 Pagescooling time was needed than could be effected by the fan-aided characteristic ventilation. Also, heat is provided by the biomass boiler feeding a high temperature collector which then bolsters heated water to radiators all through the building, each one fitted with a thermostatic valve. Hot water to tea-points, kitchen, gym shower room and toilets is given by a solar heated evacuated tubes situated on the top of the boiler room. Another important thing is that every window on the North and southRead MoreThe Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies1342 Words   |  6 Pages 4.3 Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies Biomass materials can be converted to various useful forms of energy such as heat, electricity and liquid fuels. The technologies used to convert biomass into energy ranged widely from the simple combustion of biomass used for cooking and heating in developing countries to a variety of technologies to generate modern energy carriers - electricity, gas, and liquid bio-fuels. Canada is using various materials including waste and residuals to generate electricityRead MoreDirect Combustion Of Biomass For Heat Generation1244 Words   |  5 PagesDirect combustion is the most common way of converting biomass to energy - both heat and electricity- and worldwide it already provides over 90% of the energy generated from biomass. Direct combustion of solid biomass fuel is well understood, relatively straightforward, commercially available, and can be regarded as a proven technology. Biomass combustion systems can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure. Direct combustion of biomass for heat generation is widely used in cold climateRead MoreRenewable Sources Of Energy : Glasgow And The West Of Scotland3252 Words   |  14 Pagesrenewable sources of energy is biomass. Biomass energy is the power that is contained within plant and animals. Plants, animals and organic waste matter are known as biofuels and usually contain wood chips, manure, mulch, tree components, sewage and rotted tree. This is considered a renewable source of energy because the water and carbon dioxide from the plants and animals is returned to the atmosphere when the biofuel is burned and we can grow more plants to create more biomass energy. Biomass is a cleanRead MorePotential Multifunctional Role Of Sugarcane Output10082 Words   |  41 PagesPotential Multifunctional Role of Sugarcane Output In Pakistan. Haroon Naeem Khan Session 2015 DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS. SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES. BEACONHOUSE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, LAHORE. Energy crisis and it’s affect on the declining sugarcane sector in Pakistan. Potential Multifunctional Role of Sugarcane Output In Pakistan. Submitted to the Department of Economics, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Beaconhouse National University, Lahore in partial fulfillment ofRead More Geothermal Energy is the Solution to the Energy Crisis Essay1995 Words   |  8 PagesGeothermal Energy: A Solution to the Energy Crisis Abstract So far, scientists have not found a successful substitute for fossil fuels that can handle both the large demand for energy and solve the global warming problem. I propose that geothermal energy is a clean, widely available, and renewable alternative to the usage of fossil fuels. In this paper, I will explain how use of geothermal resources can be energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective. I believe that the US governmentRead MoreEnergy Sustainability : Nuclear Energy4062 Words   |  17 PagesEnergy sustainability Nuclear energy Nuclear energy is released through nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is when an atom splits and releases neutrons after absorbing a neutron. All nuclear power is generated from Uranium, which is a pure metal. Nuclear fission expained When atoms split, energy is released and then converted to a more easier form to use. Uranium-235, an isotope of Uranium (same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons, meaning they have varying masses), is most commonlyRead MoreComparing Dundee Universitys Heat Energy Systems And Those That Are Employed By Hillcrest Housing Association1988 Words   |  8 Pagesheat energy systems and those that are employed by Hillcrest Housing Association. The main technologies used in the university are gas fired engines, whereas the Hillcrest building which has a biomass boiler. As far as models of ownership are concerned, the University has established a wholly owned operating company DUUSCo to undertake the Project. While, although owned by Hillcrest the biomass system is operated and maintained under a 10-year agreement by Angus Biofuels who sell the energy to Hillcrest

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Use of Glucometer - 1015 Words

DESCRIPTION: In this paragraph I would describe that event during mentoring a student on her third year in Endoscopy Unit. For the sake of confidentiality pseudonyms shall be used. I shall call him Mr D. Mr D was a patient on Endoscopy having Gastroscopy. This gentleman has a history of Diabetes and an Insulin Dependent Diabetic. Called Mr D into the admission room to clerk patient in halfway through the admission. Mr D said he is not feeling very well. I stopped the admission asked the student to go and get me the glucometer machine from the recovery area. I checked Mr D observations all were in normal range. On the student return to admission room I asked the student if she had performed the blood sugar reading before. She†¦show more content†¦Although I knew the student has gained knowledge about glucose testing I supported her and observed her performance for the next patient that needs blood glucose check which she did well. ANALYSIS: As a mentor with a continuous support and guidance of my student performing a task can help lessen her anxiety and fears. One of the most important in developing students decision making is that a role model. Morton-Cooper and Palmer (2000) suggested by being a role model the mentor provides an observable image of imitation, demonstrating skills and qualities for the mentee to emulate. The student believe that this task help her to identify her role as a nurse as this is activity to nursing. CONCLUSION: The foundation of being a good mentor is building a good working relationship, use of good communication and active listening skills with the student (Walsh 2010). Spending time doing session and day by day working with my students is rewarding because I have seen my student grown her confidence and she learnt new skills that she can apply in her future career. ACTION PLAN: Students need more supervision and practice when performing clinical skills. The mentor need to give knowledge, ask questions and answers from students on how to prepare the patient and use equipment; on how to obtain a suitable sample. How to prepare the skin cleaning.Show MoreRelatedA Lesson Plan For Diabetic Patients1242 Words   |  5 Pagesthat are high in sugar. †¢ Staff Education ï‚ § After conducting a learners assessment, the nurse will be able to teach a diabetic class using a sixth grade level vocabulary. ï‚ § After conducting a learners style assessment, the nurse will need to use visual, auditory and kinetic learning to teach a diabetic class. Objectives In accordance to Bloom’s taxonomy, the following are objectives for the cognitive, affective and psychomotor capabilities for each of the identified groups as listed belowRead MoreDiabetes Mellitus Type 2 Diabetes855 Words   |  4 Pages and monitoring blood sugar levels. In the United States insulin is readily available for a patient to use with a prescription from their physician. The Physician determines the best insulin therapy for the patient and the physician then monitors the patient’s blood sugar levels to see if the insulin therapy is working correctly (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Patients and physicians can use a glucometer to check the patient’s blood glucose levels. These machines are readily available to the public and thereRead Moreâ€Å"Three-Year Efficacy of Complex Insulin Regimens in Type 2 Diabetes†1386 Words   |  6 Pagesonly with glucometer readings of 56 mg/dL or greater, grade 2 if the patient had symptoms with a glucometer value of le ss than 56 mg/dL, or grade 3 if assistance from a third-party was required. The HbA1C levels were the primary outcome at the end of the 3 year study. Some of the secondary outcomes included percentage of patients with an HbA1C level less than 6.6%, the percentage of patients with an HbA1C level less than 6.6% without grade 2 or 3 hypoglycemia, weight gain, glucometer profilesRead MoreResearch Report On Informatics Guest Speaker978 Words   |  4 PagesMexico. The questions and responses that Ms. Brantly’s provided during her visit to class are listed. 1 How does your use of the EMR affect your client care? Currently her facility only does part EMR and the rest is done via paper charting. The company she works for is in the process of setting up a full electronic system but, notes the it is taking a bit longer because they use several different types of machines and the programs need to be built specifically so that the computer and all the dialysisRead MoreThe Acute Rehab Unit After Ischemic Cva Of The Right Pareito Occipital Region1019 Words   |  5 Pagesunder control, maintains proper weight, watch his diet and take the medications properly, then in the long run he could reverse the diabetes. He became more motivated after hearing that. Since he wants to learn how check the blood sugar using the glucometer. I showed him the step-by-step process of how to check the blood sugar by demonstration. I also showed him a video and provided a printed leaflet with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I also taught him how draw insulin from the bottle,Read MoreEssay On Iv ) Dexamethason e1311 Words   |  6 Pagescommonly used for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV). , , When administered at induction of anaesthesia, it has been shown to improve the postoperative pain scores and reduce the need for postoperative analgesics. Its other uses include reduction in airway edema, angioedema, cerebral edema, alleviation of nerve damage, inhibition of anaphylactic reactions and reduction in pain of IV propofol administration. , , , IV dexamethasone also has a hyperglycemic effect which may beRead MoreMy Current Job Experience As A Patient Care Associate1576 Words   |  7 Pageshospital are equipped with monitors. One of such units is the Intensive Care Units (ICU) where critically ill patients who may need intubation and require their vitals to be monitored round the clock are admitted. In my unit, we use a vital signs machine. The type we use can take the four most important vitals with a push of one button. These four most important signs are ta ken to assess the general physical health of the patient. The four vital signs are: †¢ The Temperature †¢ Heart Rate orRead MoreAn M-Health Application for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes1181 Words   |  5 Pagestechnology-based intervention can be effectively implemented to help in this case. For this application, a user-centered design attitude was useful during the design phase of the product, leveraging a base remote patient monitoring system. The system uses BlackBerry smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled medical devices to capture client information and generate and deliver alerts and reports to client, family, and medical providers. This product takes into consideration user-centered designs commonly usedRead MoreA Short Note On Diabetes Mellitus And Type II Diabetes1023 Words   |  5 Pagesboth diet and exercise affect body weight, which can be measured. There are different methods to measure glucose levels in the blood. Fasting glucose levels means the amount of blood glucose level while fasting for 8 to 10 hours and is measured by glucometer with a single drop of blood. Diabetes is also diagnosed by detecting a protein HbA1c in blood in a simple blood test which is measureable and more reliable approach. Variables - There is a positive causal relationship between weight and diabetesRead MoreMy Care Plan For Diabetes1726 Words   |  7 Pageshemoglobin (A1C) also checking blood sugar daily and record the reading for better management (Edelman ,p258). One of the major health risk associated with diabetes in elderly is hypoglycemia. Intervention will be focusing on education on nutrition, glucometer use, sign and symptoms of hypoglycemia. While searching the healthy people 2020 there is four health measures including: General health status, heath related quality of life and well-being, determinant of health and disparities. I related my discussion

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Statistical Analysis of Colored Stones by Using Random Sampling Free Essays

Statistical Analysis of Colored Stones by using Random Sampling Naomi Malary Lab Report 1 Ecology Lab 312 L-1 October 12, 2009 Introduction Random Sampling, a method often used by ecologist involves an unpredictable component. In this method, all members of the population have an equal chance of being selected as part of the sample. The results involving random sampling can be categorized as descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (Montague 2009). We will write a custom essay sample on Statistical Analysis of Colored Stones by Using Random Sampling or any similar topic only for you Order Now Descriptive statistics includes simplified calculations of a given sample and arrange this information into charts and graphs that are easy to contrast. Trying to reach conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data alone describes inferential statistics. To document the results of sampling, qualitative and quantitative data is used. Quantitative data lack is measured and identified on a numerical scale, whereas Qualitative data approximates data but does not measure characteristics, properties and etc. The purpose of this experiment was to use statistical analysis to evaluate random sampling of colored stones (Montague 2009). While conducting this experiment, we came up with a few null hypotheses. The first null hypothesis is that all the stones that have the same color weigh the same. The second null hypothesis is that there are more blue stones than red or yellow stones. Therefore the Blue stones will be picked the mosr. Our final null hypothesis is that the stones of the same color have the same length and that they will not vary in size. Method Our team was given a box of one hundred and two red, blue, and yellow stones. Team members A and B took turns choosing stones via random sampling, team member E recorded the color of the chosen stone. Team member C measured the weight of the stone with a scale, and team member D measured the length of the stone using a vernier capiler. Team members A and B placed the stones back into the box, mixed it, and we then repeated the procedure. Three sample sets were taken . The first set I were the first 5 samples taken (n=5), set II consist of n=10, and set III consist of n=30. Results There appeared to be a small difference between stone color and their average weight (Table1. and figures 1-3). Upon observation, you will see that the yellow stones were larger than the blue stones, and the blue stones were larger then the red stones (Table2. and figure 2-3). It can also be noted that the only sample set to have red stones selected was in set III (Figure 3). additionally, figure7 shows that blue stones were picked in greater proportion than the yellow and red stones. Discussion I hypothesized that all stones that share the same color weighs the same. According to table 2, all the stones of the same color do not share the same weight. Though the average seemed relatively the same, there still was a difference in the weight. Therefore, I must reject my null hypothesis on account of this information. The second null hypothesis stated that there are more blue stones than yellow or red stones, therefore more blue stones will be picked than any other stone. According to figure 7, the blue stones accounted for 44%, the yellow stones 38%, and the red stones 18%. Therefore I will not be rejecting my hypothesis on the basis that there were more blue stones present than any other color. The final null hypothesis stated that the stones of the same color have the same length. Table 2 and figures 5-7, accounted for the fact that the yellow stones were usually the longest and the red stones the shortest. Based on this information, I will not be rejecting this null hypothesis. Figure 1: Graph shows the average weight of each colored stone for set=5 Figure 2: Graph shows the average weight of each colored stone for set n=10 Figure3: Graph shows the average weight of each colored stone for set n=30 draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Figure 4: Graph shows the average weight of each colored stone for set=5 Figure 5: Graph shows the average weight of each colored stone for set n=10 Graph6: Graph shows the average weight of each colored stone for set n=30 {draw:frame} Figure 7: Pie chart shows the total proportion of the stones Reference Montegue, J. M. 2009. BIO 312L: Ecology Lab – Exercise 01 2009. Slides 10,11 Wikipedia, Random Sampling. www. wikipedia. com/random _sample How to cite Statistical Analysis of Colored Stones by Using Random Sampling, Papers

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Isaac Rodriguez Essays (348 words) - Firearms,

Isaac Rodriguez ENC0017 July 17 , 2017 Professor: Sisto Gun Control: Would it really help? Thesis statements: Gun control is an issue that divides Americans. The southern and western states are known as pro gun states and most of the northern states want to limit the rights of Americans to carry guns. Some politicians believe that that limiting or taking guns from citizens will also take guns away from criminals. Others think that if law abiding citizens are carrying weapons that will make criminals think about committing crimes. I personally do not believe that taking weapons away from law abiding citizens will prevent criminals from getting guns illegally. Crimes that are committed by criminals are usually done with guns that were acquired illegally. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only make them easy targets for criminals. One argument that many politicians like to use is that citizens can call Police Officers. But often by the time the Police arrive to scene of the crime the criminals are already gone. I think that if every law-abiding citizen is trained and armed criminals will think about targeting them. Criminals area already armed therefore law-abiding citizens should be armed too. Politicians should stay away from a right that was given to citizens by the founders of the country. Every citizen should have the opportunity to defend themselves from criminals. People who choose not to carry a gun can make that decision on their own. In conclusion: Gun control is an issue that will always divide Americans but citizens should have the right to choose if they want to carry a gun or not. Taking guns from law -abiding citizens is not going to take guns away criminals who get their guns through illegal channels. Taking guns from citizens is just going to create victims for the criminals. The Police are not always going to be able to arrive in time to stop crimes.

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Understanding Antonomasia

Understanding Antonomasia Antonomasia is a rhetorical term for the substitution of a title, epithet, or descriptive phrase for a proper name (or of a personal name for a common name) to designate a member of a group or class. It is a type of synecdoche. Roger Hornberry characterizes the figure as basically a nickname with knobs on (Sounds Good on Paper, 2010). Etymology From the Greek, instead of plus name (to name differently). Examples and Observations The character of James Sawyer Ford in the ABC television program Lost (2004-1010) regularly used antonomasia to annoy his companions. His nicknames for Hurley included Lardo, Kong, Pork Pie, Stay Puft, Rerun, Barbar, Pillsbury, Muttonchops, Mongo, Jabba, Deep Dish, Hoss, Jethro, Jumbotron, and International House of Pancakes.Calling a lover Casanova, an office worker Dilbert, Elvis Presley the King, Bill Clinton the Comeback Kid, or Horace Rumpoles wife She Who Must Be ObeyedWhen I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was Always.(Rita Rudner)If the waiter has a mortal enemy, it is the Primper. I hate the Primper. HATE THE PRIMPER! If theres a horrifying sound a waiter never wants to hear, its the THUMP of a purse on the counter. Then the digging sound of the Primpers claws trying to find makeup, hairbrushes, and perfume.(Laurie Notaro, The Idiot Girls Action-Adventure Club, 2002)Jerry: The guy who runs the place is a little temperamental, especially about the or dering procedure. Hes secretly referred to as the Soup Nazi.Elaine: Why? What happens if you dont order right?Jerry: He yells and you dont get your soup.(The Soup Nazi, Seinfeld, November 1995) I told you we could count on Mr. Old-Time Rock and Roll!(Murray referring to Arthur in Velvet Goldmine)Im a myth. Im Beowulf. Im Grendel.(Karl Rove) Metonymy This trope is of the same nature as metonymy, although it can not be said to exhibit the idea more vividly. It consists in putting in place of a proper name, another notion which may be either in apposition to it or predicated of it. Its principal use is to avoid the repetition of the same name, and the too frequent use of the pronoun. The most frequent forms of it are, naming a person from his parentage or country; as, Achilles is called Pelides; Napoleon Bonaparte, the Corsican: or naming him from some of his deeds; as, instead of Scipio, the destroyer of Carthage; instead of Wellington, the hero of Waterloo. In making use of this trope such designations should be selected as are well known, or can be easily understood from the connection, and free from ambiguitythat is, are not equally applicable to other well-known persons.(Andrew D. Hepburn, Manual of English Rhetoric, 1875)

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The Life and Times of Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The Life and Times of Neil DeGrasse Tyson Have you heard or seen of  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson?   If youre a space and astronomy fan, you almost certainly have run across his work. Dr. Tyson is   the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. He is best-known as the host of COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey, a 21st-century continuation of Carl Sagans hit science series   COSMOS from the 1980s. Hes also the host and executive producer of StarTalk Radio, a streaming program available online and through such venues as iTunes and Google.   The Life and Times of Neil DeGrasse Tyson Born and raised in New York City, Dr. Tyson realized he wanted to study space science when he was young and had a look through a pair of binoculars at the Moon. At the age of 9, he visited the Hayden Planetarium. There he had his first good look at how the starry sky looked. However, as he has often said when he was growing up, being smart is not on the list of things that gets you respect. He recalled that at that time, African-American boys were expected to be athletes, not scholars. That didnt stop the young Tyson from exploring his dreams of the stars. At 13, he attended summer astronomy camp in the Mojave Desert. There, he could see millions of stars in the clear desert sky. He attended the Bronx High School of Science  and went on to earn a BA in Physics from Harvard. He was a student-athlete at Harvard, rowing on the crew team and was part of the wrestling team. After earning a Masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin, he went home to New York to do his doctoral work at Columbia. He eventually earned his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Columbia University. As a doctoral student, Tyson wrote his dissertation on the Galactic Bulge. Thats the central region of our galaxy. It contains many older stars as well as a black hole and clouds of gas and dust. He worked as an astrophysicist and research scientist at Princeton University for a time and as a columnist for StarDate magazine. In 1996, Dr. Tyson became the first occupant of the Frederick P. Rose Directorship of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City (the youngest director in the long history of the planetarium). He worked as the project scientist for the planetariums renovation that began in 1997 and founded the department of astrophysics at the museum.   The Pluto Controversy In 2006, Dr. Tyson made news (along with the International Astronomical Union) when  Plutos planetary status was changed to dwarf planet. He has taken an active role in the public debate about the issue, often disagreeing with established planetary scientists about the nomenclature, while agreeing that Pluto is an interesting and unique world in the solar system.    Neil DeGrasse Tysons Astronomy Writing Career Dr. Tyson published the first of a number of books on astronomy and astrophysics in 1988. His research interests include star formation, exploding stars, dwarf galaxies, and the structure of our Milky Way. To conduct his research, he has used telescopes all over the world, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope. Over the years, he has written a number of research papers on these topics.   Dr. Tyson is heavily involved in writing about science for public consumption. He has worked on such books as One Universe: At Home in the Cosmos  (coauthored with Charles Liu and Robert Irion) and a very popular-level book called Just Visiting This Planet. He also wrote Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier, and as well as Death by Black Hole, among other popular books. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is married with two children and resides in New York City. His contributions to the public appreciation of the cosmos were recognized by the International Astronomical Union in their official naming of asteroid 13123 Tyson.   Edited by Carolyn Collins Petersen

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After reviewing the history of intelligence, what events have had a Essay

After reviewing the history of intelligence, what events have had a profound impact on U.S. intelligence today - Essay Example One of the most essential events that was crucial for gathering evidence was the civil war. The Civil War was one of the most prominent wars that allowed the nation to create a mesh network of intelligence. As a matter of fact, both sides built intelligence services. Historians argue that North actually relied on the South to gain more advantage and that propelled the information to be execute and analyzed. It was clear that Both sides were greatly interested in what today is called open source intelligence (OSINT). As time progressed, the value of OSINT was never understood until TDR took office. It was under his leadership of OSINT as a president. Roosevelt believed ONI could serve as a valuable tool in solidifying that vision of American as strong military force. Roosevelt took this upon his own hands and used OSINT as a network to promote intelligence. It was heavily utilized to track and monitor possible events that could put United States in risk. Even with all the intelligence tools, the USA got its first reality check during WWI when it had to fight Germany. The fact was clear, intelligence was not sufficient to fight the Germans, who were already intercepting incoming receptions. The United States was completely unprepared for the intelligence. Moreover, much opposition from congress deterred the efforts of the government because of the possible witch hunt, that inevitably followed after WWI. The truth of the matter was that the United States understood this dilemma and began conducting surveillance. As a result, they managed to capture Germany submarines and even intercepted the Zimmerman telegram that changed the whole landscape of events. WWI also signaled the event of the creation of FBI, in which Edgar Hoover was named its director in 1924. Once again as USA relapsed from WWI and WWI, intelligence suffered. It was not until the outbreak of the war in Korea against the communist nations that became a